mercredi 24 novembre 2010

I'm going, Facebook.

I am leaving Facebook, indefinitely. As of Thursday 25 at 9am, I haven't checked my Facebook page for 15 hours.
I didn't close my account but I reinforced my privacy settings so that my wall is no longer visible.
I logged out.
I didn't leave any message, I made a perfectly unnoticed exit.

This is what is sad about Facebook: the illusion that you are connected. The soft, anonymous stalking has altered the palette of human interactions. Commenting on someone's pictures, leaving a message on a wall, slowly dissolves the necessity of actually spending time with others. It's self-service friendship.

I have grown mute.
With a community of friends that includes my husband, family, childhood friends, friends from grad school, and people I don't know; half of this community speaking French and the other half speaking English, what could I possibly say that is relevant?

Facebook is not weaving relationships, it is dissolving them.
It's wasting precious time with pointless, simili-interactions.
While you are on Facebook, you are not looking into your lover's eyes, your are not listening to your friends.

Loneliness is the feeling I always had on Facebook. Seeing other people's pictures, happier, together, good-looking, somewhere I'm not, reminds me bitterly that I'm only on my couch, by myself.
Hopefully my happy pictures thrown at their face have the same effects on them.
It's a war.

How many hours a day do we spend on Facebook?
It has become a reflex, even if we don't write, even if we don't stay: always, mechanically check the Facebook page. What are they doing, thinking, saying, liking?

Facebook, I'm gone.
It's difficult to accept that an entire world is happening without me, where I'm no longer playing any role, but I need to go away, for clarity of mind.

Are they talking about me? Did they notice my absence?
If they do they'll call me.

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